Monday, August 29, 2011

WWE should be BANNED from hiring in another soul, until they figure out who Sin Cara is!

(Do you see this picture of what they did? I'm never forgiving the WWE for putting Bryan and them through that. Nope. Not ever. Those guys deserved BETTER.)

So the rumor is that WWE ~ despite their less than $10 a share stock, they abismal DVD sales and their dissapointing 3.2 that their flagship show Raw can't even seem to muster ~ is looking to hire in MORE wrestlers.... so they can grant them each a bland, lifeless name chosen by a country club banker, a long, borning run in FCW, a chance at a chance at a chance at a spot on the pointless NXT, a forgettable-on-purpose run on the mid and low cards, followed by a boot to the curve many years later, with a half-brained "We dun't haf anything few yuuu *finger meet nosey*" and the best in their future endevors.

My question is a simple one.


WHY should the WWE hire in more than they can handle??

Look, let's be real here.

The clowns at the WWE can't figure out:
1. What to do with Tyler Black
2. What to do with Jon Moxley ~ the LAST guy they yoinked from DGUSA
3. That Heath Slater is a GIRL
4. Who they want as Sin Cara and-
5. How to turn the fucking lights ON for his matches
6. What to do with 90% of the FCW roster
7. That NXT is a DUD concept that should NEVER have been tried, damn near derailed the careers of EVERY poor guy on that shit show, and that Syfy fucking cancelled it FOR A REASON!!

Think about #7 for a second, ok? The channel that brought us Sharktopus says that NXT is too stupid for them.

Do you see the problem? SHARKTO-FUCKING-PUSS is less stupid than NXT!!

They have too many wrestlers, and not enough brains between the "Creative" team to figure out what to do about them.

WWE should be BANNED from hiring in ANYBODY until they figure out how to book un-stupid, coherant storylines for the WHOLE roster, and NO, a rehash run from 2008 is NOT a coherant storyline. (Mark Henry, that's for you.)

This is not me kidding around either. If you can't even figure out who the hell Sin Cara should be played by, then I don't trust you with ANY of the other wrestlers.

Don't bite off more than you can chew.

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