Wednesday, July 20, 2011

An open letter I KNOW the WWE won't read.

Dear WWE,

You punished me with NOT booking Bryan when you had him Sep 09-Jan 10.

You tried to remake him in FCW. (Shaving the beard = dumbass move.)

You punished us ALL with NXT, to the point where even Bryan got pissed enough to choke a bitch out. AND HE DID. (I still support Boo-boo's decision to choke a bitch, BTW.)

You roped him back into your non-wrestling company, only to punish him again with the US Title.

I KNOW this ain't be WCW and y'all bitches can't respect the belt once held by guys I respect, such as Dean Malenko, Harley Race, ect. ect. so don't bother trying to convince me McMahon "hasn't" demoted it to the "Booby-prize" belt.

You jacked up ticket prices sky high in the Chicagoland/NW Indiana area, so that I couldn't afford to see my Boo-boo in action.

You pissed me off with Diva trash enough that I boycotted your dumbasses.

You enraged err'damn'body by screwing him out of Wrestlemania 27 ~ the WORST WM of all time, by the way.

You dumped his ass on the LOW cards of SmackDown.

You used him as a tool to elevate Sin Cara. (Oh yeah THAT was smart!)

And then you dissed him by dumping his ass in a fruitless story with Cody and Ted.

Now you've given him the Money in the Bank lunchb-err I mean "briefcase" ... but you also made him fight that little girl ~ Heath Slater on this week's SmackDown.


PLEASE do not fuck him out of this!

PLEASE do NOT fuck him out of his Wrestlemania moment, or this time I will come at'cha with a necktie. And that's not a threat, WWE. It's a damn promise.

A disgruntled cartoonist named Koriander.

P.S. Boo-boo has my permission to smack a bitch wit dat case.

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