Wednesday, July 20, 2011

It's Sailormoon. Can we pick another song for this?

Ok so when I started on YouTube in 2008, there were TONS of Sailormoon videos put to this song by Meg & Dia Frampton. Two sisters who were with WMG and are now Indie Punk:

Pretty catchy, right? This is one of 100 Sailormoon videos based on this song.

So I thought it was a catchy remix. TOTALLY missed the lyrics.

So yesterday, I hear the song again, and this time I actually looked up the song's meaning.


The song is based on a book. (Forgot the title, sorry!) The book is about this boy, whose parents never loved him. So he grows up beating things, because it's the only way he feels anything.

He grows up, kidnaps a girl, rapes her and knocks her up. He raises the child with her, thinking that he's in a loving relationship. But as his son grows up, he realizes much too late that what he's been doing is NOT love, but he's been hurting this woman.

So disgusted with himself, he sets himself on fire in a bathtub, so he can't hurt her again.

Now then, I've seen every episode of Sailormoon ever made. In WHAT fucking episode does anything THIS twisted happen?? WTF does NOBODY look up the song's meaning BEFORE they use it in a video? (Or two or a hundred?)

There's another song I want to point out. Now the original Sailormoon video to this is gone, so I'm just gonna use the un-remixed song.

Please read the lyrics:

Now let's imagine a few dozen Sailormoon videos with the title character transforming and then using each of her attacks.

Yeah, WTF??

So my dear anime fans, the next time you make an AMV, PLEASE check the song's meaning BEFORE you add it to the montage.

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