Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Wrestling through Twitter

I am constantly being told that I’m an idiot or boring for sticking up for the Indies left and right. I’ve even had accounts hacked or trashed just because I CAN think outside the box.

I hear fake fans tell wrestlers all the time “Oh that was great. But if you’re not in WWE it doesn’t mean anything” if that is how you feel, you are NOT a REAL wrestling fan.

Is it stupid to like WWE? No. I never said that.

But if you’re putting down a wrestler’s merit just because he’s not McMahon’s little bitch, then you are a disrespectful MORON, and you don’t like wrestling.

Oh nobody cares about da Indies. If you don’t like WWE then um… just STOP watching! You’re negative and dumb. Stupid girl.” Is the sentiment I’m getting.

But people are caring about the Indies. Those guys DO matter. And now that we have the internet, you can’t deny it anymore.

4 hours. Do you know what that is?

That’s as long as the name Eddie Edwards was trending. I said Eddie Edwards!

Eddie had just won the ROH title, at an UN-televised show that was NOT on a PPV, in a place that had virtually NO advertising for it.

But that didn’t matter. What mattered was that Eddie had done the unthinkable, and had won a belt that people cared about. AN INDY BELT!

For four hours non-stop, Eddie remained on the WORLDWIDE Twitter trend list. People were talking about Eddie, long past that match, and long after he had put his travel clothes on, and left the building.

People CARED about Eddie.

A little INDY wrestler.

5 hours. Do you know what that is?

Five hours is the length of time devoted to Larry Sweeney. Larry had passed away this week, and people CARED.

I wish to God that Larry could have seen it. I wish he could have seen those five hours when nothing else mattered but Sweet n’ Sour.

The outpouring of support was too late perhaps, but it’s enough that I could see that these Indy wrestlers DO matter and that people DO care.

Now then, can anyone tell me what 2 hours is?

That’s right. That’s how long Edge had on Twitter when he retired. All those years of shoulder to the post moves ~ booked by the so-called “safer” WWE ~ had done him in.

2 hours on Twitter is all he got.

And NO respect went with that either! An hour and a half was devoted to Edge’s REAL name instead of his stage name! So the people who called themselves his “fans” couldn’t even grant him the respect of NOT using his real name, unless they had permission. TWO hours, and he was shown little respect.

SOME of the WWE or TNA wrestler will trend on Twitter for an hour to an hour 15, and that ONLY coincides with said wrestler being on TV. Most of the Mid to High carders last less than 10 minutes on Twitter.

10 minutes? If I was a TV wrestler, and I had just busted my ass in a tag team match ~ in my brand new ring gear ~ and people couldn’t care about what I had just done, I’d be miffed.

10 minutes is not 4 hours.

Looks like I was right and people DO care about the Indies as much ~ if not more ~ than the “big boys”

Now tell me.

Am I just a negative, boring, stipid GIRL?

Or am I just telling the TRUTH?

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