Friday, April 8, 2011

Why the Republicans AND the Democrats want America to DIE.

As I type this, we are less than a few hours away from a potential government shut down.

Should this happen, we will be in a state of anarchy.

I don’t usually dabble in political talk, but as a tax payer, I feel I must say something.

And since some of you are ready to debate with me, I will use SMALL words. I don’t want my words to be lost on you. While I will refrain from swearing this time, I will be using words that are pretty hard to hear. Pay attention anyway.

The Republicans want you to DIE. End of story.

They want all the funding forever GONE from your children’s schools, to fund needless wars that will cause YOUR adult children to either DIE, or come back with permanent deformities, that will cause their children to never procreate.

Your line will DIE.

They want you to eat in chemical laden pools that you and I call the supermarket.

FACT: There are currently ZERO foods at your local market that are FDA approved that have not been doused in some form of steroid, cancerous chemical or degenerative spray that WILL cause birth defects.

Yes, that does include the organic labeled foods.

They want ALL companies to be privatized.

Say goodbye forever to that quaint mom and pop store.

Say goodbye to EVER having money in the bank.

Your credit score will NEVER be good enough, you WILL lose your home, you WILL DIE on the streets.

You don’t want these chemicals in your system? You don’t want poverty to take you away from your already inflated mortgage ridden house that’s falling apart? TOO BAD. Be prepared to DIE, horridly and slowly.

If you’re a woman? They want you to DIE.

No more rights for you. Just shut up and go back to the kitchen, eating your chemical ridden bon bons.

Get pregnant but it’s a risk birth? You WILL die.

No more healthcare for you!

Want an abortion? They will force you to DIE.

Even if it’s their own daughter who was raped by her cousin. They actually want to see that happen. They are mad enough to want to see their children suffer and DIE if something that bad happens to them. “It serves you right. You asked for it!” Is what these fathers will say to their daughters’ graves.

They want to dictate who you can and cannot marry.

The girl/man of your dreams? Say goodbye forever to them. You will never get that chance.

If you marry outside your race, they WILL sterilize your children, kill them and then kill you.

If you enjoy sex before marriage? They want you to DIE in prison.

You’re Gay? You are sick and you need to DIE. That IS how they run.

Funny how these so-called “Christian” groups go AGAINST the Christian rule of “Turn the other cheek and love thy neighbor” isn’t it?

They pretend that Interracial marriage, teen pregnancy and Gay marriage will kill us all and cause us to become cave men.

Does this sound like a Christian belief to you?

That’s right. The pretend to be Holy rollers, but they themselves have NEVER read the Bible.

But they want America to be what they pretend is Christian.

So if you’re not a Christian? They will throw you in prison for being un-American and you will DIE.

Here’s another one! Donald Trump refuses to read Obama’s REAL US birth certificate. He’s pretending that Obama is Arab, yet he believes he isn’t racist?

By the way, Trump has been bankrupted more times than I can remember. You’re stupid enough to elect him? Guess what? Bankrupt America with DEAD brown people.

Why? Because he wants the ethnic people to DIE first.

Then the young White kids. Oh, these Tea partiers have a special death plan for their own children.

As for the Democrats? They also want you to DIE.

The Democrats cow-tow and obey every boo-boo face the Republicans make.

They will see you and your children DIE before they fight for you.

They will sooner hand over your right to work to an illegal immigrant before they EVER try to help you and your children get work or an education.

The Republicans and the Democrats are working around the clock to make sure that we all will DIE.

A vote for a Tea partyer is the same as telling your children “Just hang yourself now.”

A vote for a boo-boo faced Dem is quickly becoming the same.

Those who cannot see the writing on the political wall are the first who WILL suffer.

We need to grow up and take the country back.

They want to shut down government? Fine.

Let’s throw everyone out.

Everybody we voted in, we can impeach.

There are several BILLION of us, and only 900 of them.


Let’s impeach the Republicans and the Democrats. ALL of them.

Let’s try to rebuild a SANE government.

It’s better than dying, so NO EXCUSES!!

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