Friday, April 22, 2011

Economically Challenged?

I was watching Looney Tunes during my afternoon coffee. It’s only been back on Cartoon Network for a little while, but it just feels natural for it to be on. Now, I expected the shorts to be edited, and I knew most of what to expect… except for this.

Now at 7:19, Bugs Bunny (as heard above) says “He robs from the rich and gives to the poor!” a rather harmless line for 1949.

But in 2011, the word “poor” is deleted.


I sat up straight when the cue for the word “poor” was deleted. I just couldn’t believe it.

The word had also gone missing from several other points in the cartoon. At first I thought my dish was glitching, but right at that last point, I realized it was being bleeped out.

Mama explained to me that “poor” is no longer an acceptable word. Apparently if you say the word “poor” it will make children upset. Instead, you should say that the poor are just “Economically challenged”.

You probably can’t tell that I edit my blog using Microsoft Word, but as I typed that just now, my software hiccupped. Even my computer can’t believe I just typed that.

Economically challenged?? So, it’s cool and copasetic to teach children that Robin Hood “robs” from the rich (take that corporate Nazis) but it’s NOT ok to say he gives to the poor.

When you go to the Goodwill to make a donation, do you donate your old clothes and whatnot to the Economically challenged? Do the signs read “please give to the economically less fortunate”?? NO!! You give to the poor. Hell, I was 3 when I realized I was less than Economically endowed, and yet I was ok with it. I doubt very highly that the neighbor kids would panic and start a riot if I were to say “Yo poor shit! Off my lawn!!” Are we really this afraid of hurting people’s tender widdle feewings?

The dumbing down of America started a LONG time ago. Hey, this actually reminds me of a funny story.

Before my mother started homeschooling me, there was one day I came home BALLING with my report card in hand. The sheet looked like this:







I was convinced that I was so stupid, they had to go to letters WAY past F to grade me.

Pissed, Mama took my hand and marched right back to school with me.

The teacher explained that I had a new grade system.

In Art, Math, Reading and Writing, I got a Satisfactory. (S)

In socialization and sharing, (Are these even real classes??) I got an Unsatisfactory. (U)

Mama gave the teacher F and B for FAKING BOOLSHEEEEET!!

It seems we are raising a generation or two of emotionally compromised, ethically challenged persons.

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