Saturday, April 23, 2011

Cartoons & shows for the children born BEFORE 1988

If you were born BEFORE 1988, you're probably old enough to remember a time where characters could drink, smoke & sometimes swear on children's programming, & it was generally considered OK, since a child at age 4 is old enough to understand that these thigns are ADULT in nature, & only ADULTS do them.

You're also old enough to remember when Bugs Bunny & Tom & Jerry shorts still had racial stereotypes and when Looney Tunes made it a habit to try and see how fast they could shoot themselves in the head before the "That's all folks" banner aired.

Nowadays it's called "imitative behavior" & is even restricted in adult programs. :P

Think about it! We can't even discuss WHY children shouldn't drink or do drugs or smoke. We don't even show them things like guns or talk about suicide or much in the ways of violence.

We just take away all the images of those things now, and we provide them with NO education.

Another thing to? We used to adress the fact that teenagers get HORNEY. Teens have emmotions too. Today's world? If you're watching the cartoon series "Family Guy" (which is aimed at adults usually) the concept of teenaged Meg or Chris coming home with a signifigant other is greeted as a "special episode". It's no longer considered a "normal" topic!

Of course as kids, we were greeted with even more content now deemed quenstionable. Take a look at the pre-2000 world I grew up in:

GI Joe ~ Sexism:

Jessica Rabbit:

Captain Lou Albano as Mario ~ Do drugs and you'll go to Hell when you die:

Inspector Gadget ~ Gadget gets Drunk:

Captain Planet ~ How to buy the right make-up:

Fraggle Rock ~ One of MANY discussions on death:

Pee Wee's Playhouse ~ Randy smoking:

Pee Wee ~ Cocaine:

Penny ~ Drugs:

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles ~ Pot PSA:

Tiny Toons ~ Julie Bruin:

Power Rangers ~ Anti Beating:

Sonic ~ The bad touch:

Sonic ~ Smoking:

Sonic the Hedgehog ~ How nasty was he?

Sonic and Sally:

Sonic the Movie ~ Um...

Animaniacs ~ WHAT should you do with Prince?

Power Rangers Turbo ~ How many ways you can say NO:


Sailor Moon ~ Don't be an aenorexic but lose weight:

Sailor Moon ~ Injury PSA

Sailormoon R ~ Serena and Darien make out (edited)

Sailormoon S ~ Serena/Usagi drunk (edited)

Sailormoon SuperS ~ Helios kisses a passed out Rini (edited)

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  1. Yea, i would've loved to live back then! I liked the Pee-Wee drugz ones XD "This is crack."