Friday, April 22, 2011

Bryan concussed by WWE fool booking


I'm not just speaking as one who misses Bryan greatly. I speak as a woman who has been concussed.

When you have a concussion, everything is WRONG to you. Things that would normally be normal to you, such as brushing your teeth or reading a newspaper become monumental chores to you. And the damage is lifelong.

As for today's news? Yes, I know. Bryan was concussed on the Indies too, more times than I even remember.


Each time it was an accident. Fuck, I was in Chicago the day Byson Smith overshot a move and dropped Bryan on his head.

Do you know what Byson did? He APOLOGIZED after the fact. Why? Because he is a MAN. That's what grown men do.

WWE? They booked Bryan's first 3 nights of European matches, so that they ALL ended with Sheamus kicking him in the head.

They thought this would be "great fun" for the crowd.


Wanna know why they want to be a "soap opera" and not a "wrestling/sports" show?

It's so Vince can get around the athletic codes!

An Actor does NOT have to go under the same battery of tests and stipulations as a fighter, nor would McMahon have to answer for the shit his team of doctors pull on these guys.

In short, he can book them to get INJURED, send them all over like cattle, and NOT have to deal with the Government over it.

FACT: Actors are not attacked over steroids, nor are their bosses taken into custody should they have a starlet injured. Exact opposite story in the sports world.

Doubt me? Google this shit.

From lords of Pain:

Why Daniel Bryan Wasn't on RAW, WWE NXT Winners Not Getting Their Shots
By Marc Middleton
Apr 21, 2011 - 10:18:54 PM

- Daniel Bryan suffered what was believed to be a concussion at the April 16th RAW live event in Birmingham, England. Bryan was kept off of the RAW tapings in London for precautionary reasons. Bryan was apparently examined and it was determined he was able to compete as he wrestled Sheamus at the April 19th show in Wales.


The WWE has decided that 5 days is "enough time" to heal from a concussion. Bryan is heading to the ring in Qatar today.

FACT: Most people take at least 2 months to heal. Fuck, even TNA gives you at least a month to a month and a half. (Did I just champion them? WTF?)

Sheamus's finisher is the Celtic Cross. It's on the man's t-shirt.

Randy Orton punts people in the head.

So WHY did WWE ask Sheamus to use a tactic that is generally reserved for ORTON??

Sheamus is 6'6 and close to 300 lbs. of pure muscle. (All natural, no roids.)

Bryan is 5'9 (with boots) and 185 lbs.

WTF were they thinking?

That's like if Batista were to try a hurrincanrana on Paul London. Do you see how this would NOT work out?


This is for those who do not understand the severity of a concussion.

A concussion is a DEEP, and DANGEROUS bruise to the brain, caused by the brain slamming into the bone of the skull.

When you get a bruise, like on your arm, it turns colors, because the capillaries beneath your skin have BROKEN and are BLEEDING OUT.

When you have a concussion, aka DEEP BRAIN BRUISE, your brain’s deep capillaries BLEED OUT into your skull cavity.

You need TIME for the blood to be properly re-absorbed by the body.

If you do NOT get this proper time, you may experience a blood clot, which could lead to stroke or death. (See Bret Hart)

Because of the damage to the brain, proper thinking is almost always SERIOUSLY IMPAIRED. (I.E. You think you’re Superman.)

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