Saturday, March 5, 2011

Youth Movement?

"NXT 5 starts on Tuesday.

TE starts the day after Wrestlemania.

Diva Search starts after that.

They just signed Ryan Nemeth (Ziggler's baby brother) and they want Cyborg and a few other people.

WHY are they trying to bring in more people than they have room for? o_o

Think about it. The average WWE show can barely fit 10-15 wrestlers per week. (Raw/SmackDown) some weeks (like this one) we see fewer wrestlers than that.

The segments usually go lightyears beyond the matches themselves, and each segment only allots for 3-5 wrestlers per skit, unless we count Corre or Nexus, then that number goes up to 6-8.

Each roster typically has 30-33 wrestlers. Per week we barely see half of that.

This isn't even counting the low carders on SuperStars, or the overflow at FCW.

Soooooooooo why is McMahon trying to bring in all of these other people?"

So the above is what I posted on the Wrestling Roundtable message board. And right away err'body jumped on my ass with "Damn you're negative" comments, since I've been known to blow the whistle on WWE more than my fair share of times.

Now one theory I've heard was that this is all part of the great "Youth Movement" which promises fresh wrestlers and storylines.

"Why the Youth Movement has brought us SO MANY NAMES, why the youth movement has brought us new ideas, new storylines, why the WWE "knows" what they're doing. You're just negative, dumb Kori. You're not in the business, so what would YOU know, woman?" Is the sentiment I've been picking up.

For the record, a girl doesn't spend her entire life watching wrestling and paying attention to wrestlers' interviews without picking up at least SOMETHING.

And true, I tend to champion the guys in the background. You know, the Regals and Malenkos who never saw their overdue title shots when they were new to the Stamford Princess Company. Why do I bring them up? Because while the rest of you are pining for the skinny loud mouths on TV, wailing about how awesome they think they are, and drooling over the walking Welness Policy violations duking it out with the cripples and the soon to be on-the-shelfers-AGAIN, I'm paying attention to the grapplers and mat technicians that remind me why I used to love watching the Old Schoolers on my Mama's lap.

And as for the Youth Movement? Reality check time. Let's look back at the youth movement of 2010-11 thus far:

NXT 1 Cast : 2 went back to FCW, 1 is in a storyline nobody cares about ~ with a belt nobody has wanted since WCW folded 10 years ago, and the remaining 5 are split between Corre and Nexus ~ Two factions nobody cares about because they lack direction and they're NOT nWo!

NXT 2 Cast : 3 guys were FIRED ~ one of whom "won" the fake competition, 1 was just yoinked from television this week, 1 is about to be yoinked for a DUI, another got yoinked from TV a few weeks ago, and whomever is left is in FCW right now.

NXT 3 Cast : Oh bwa ha ha.

NXT 4 Cast : Err'body already got sent back to FCW. It may be too early to tell, but I'm not holding my breath on the cast making it.

Ted Dibiase Jr : Was slated to have a feud with former Legacy stablemate Randy Orton, is now on SuperStars with a girl he doesn't like.

Dolph Ziggler : Has been off of TV for 8 days now and won't quit tweeting that he's seeking employment elsewhere.

Drew McIntyre : Apperantly hates the world and is lacking a consistant and coherant storyline.

CM Punk : Mid cards with Nexus.

Evan Bourne : Mid Carder who just got back EARLY from injury.

Miz : Only where he's at because McMahon thinks his legs are smooth and sexy. And WHO first said this? Miz himself!! (It was in an interview where he apologized for the man panties.) I'll give him this, he's HONEST.

Sheamus : About to be sent to SuperStars to feud with the man who holds the title nobody has wanted since WCW folded.

Jack Swagger : Stuck between SuperStars and Michael Cole's asscrack. I'm starting to feel sorry for Rocky Horror here.

Yoshitatsu : SuperStars

Primo : SuperStars

DH Smith and Tyson Kidd : Yoinked from the tag title picture to feud with each other (against my will) then yoinked from their own storyline! DH got sent directly to SuperStars, and then Tyson had a 10 minute feud with the man who holds the title nobody has wanted since WCW folded, only to be shipped to SuperStars himself!

Mason Ryan : Batista-chan stands behind Punkles, right?

Jackson Andrews : Blink and you miss him. His ass got sent right back to FCW for NO REASON!!

Is it any wonder that I'm skeptical about the WWE bringing in more people?

Sure I want a DIFFERENT roster of names heading for the belt, but if y'all can't handle what'cha got right now, then WHY should I trust you to book the next brood properly, WITHOUT making them look like whores and clowns?

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