Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I wish more people could read a story like this.

I wish more people could read a story like this.

If more people could read this, I bet there would be less stress in the world, more laughs and smiles, and maybe more people would just live longer.

It was a little more than a year ago that I was having a crummy day. In fact it was so crummy that part of it ended up in a pictorial blog:
Oh yeah. Nothing quite wraps up a shit-tastic day like seeing a wrestler you like stepped on by Khali AND Big Show.

So I was just in a fowl mood, and I logged onto my Gaia account.

Well who should be on, but a very nice girl that I hadn’t emailed in months. To protect her identity, I’m going to call her “Lucy”. Lucy was one of many people who used to role-play with me on one of Gaia’s many forums, and she is just slightly younger than me. Her avatar is mostly Gothic, but she’s very cheerful.

At first we talked a bit about Sailormoon and Inuyasha. Then we talked about life.
Lucy was patient with me as I told her about my shitty day. Then I asked about her day, hoping to hear good news.

“Well remember that guy that I told you was my friend? ^_^” She started. Let’s call him “Schroder”.

“Yeah! The guy who role-played as Miroku in the Inuyasha-Sailormoon cross over story we did.”

“Well Schroder and I are getting married IRL! Turns out we’ve been going to the same schools since we were kids.”

“MOZELTOV!! That’s fantastic news!! :D” I reply.

“And that job I always wanted? I GOT IT and a promotion the SAME WEEK!”
“That’s fantastic! :D”

“And I’m finally able to move with my mom and Schroder to my favorite town in Ohio. OMG you should see my apartment!”

“OMG! I’m so happy for you!! :D” I’m getting excited for what seems to be my friend’s happily ever after.

“But there’s a problem.”

“O_o Huh? What’s the matter?”

“Well I’m getting concerned about the wedding plans.”
“Why? What’s wrong?”

And then Lucy says something I just can’t believe. In fact I even printed it out, and showed it to my mom, just to make sure that I wasn’t just imagining things.
Lucy puts up an angry-face emoticon, and then types this:

“My male fiancĂ©’s younger ex-boyfriend is threatening to crash the wedding AND he (the ex) is sleeping with my mom.”


“^_^ OK YOU WIN!! I feel TONS better now!”

The next time you’re having a bad day, please remember my friend, Lucy.

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  1. Wow! :0 yup, i've been feeling crappy recently, but now i'll feel better, because 'Lucy' is having worse problems than me :)